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QLRE Wants to Thank You.

You guys…. you mean so much to us. Really. This community, the people we meet every day, the way you stick together. It gets us right in the feels. It’s inspirational and it makes us very proud to be a part of it all and to represent you as real estate agents. We just want to take a moment now to say thank you for everything.


You Inspire Us.

The truth is, this community makes us want to be better. Not just better real estate agents, who are ethical and honest and go above and beyond to do the best for our clients. But better people too. People who contribute to this area and the networks that are being created and solidified, who help out and get stuck in.

Real estate is the bricks and mortar foundation of the community, but it’s the people living in the houses that build the threads binding it all together. We want to help strengthen those threads.

Giving Back.

We’ve thought long and hard about how to start giving back to the community and showing you guys how much we appreciate being here. Here’s what we’re going to start with:

Every house we sell, $500 of our commission is going to a local school, sporting club, charity, cause or not-for-profit organisation. The sellers will be able to choose who they feel is a deserving recipient in the community, and as soon as settlement happens that organisation gets the $500 donation. No strings, no fuss, no acknowledgment required. We only ask that they put it toward bettering the service/s to our community in some way.

The other thing we’re going to do is:



Saturday comes round, the good people of Rochedale and surrounds roll out of bed and have a squiz on their social media. What’ll they see? #ShoutOutSaturday from QLRE! Every Saturday we’re going to be highlighting a different business or charity or community group from the local area on our social media channels. It’s a good bit of free publicity for them and it’s a great way for us to all start getting to know each other.

Do you know of a person or organisation who’s a good candidate for ShoutOutSaturday? Get in touch and we’ll give them a shout out!

Well, thanks again everybody. Remember if you need real estate advice, guidance or help in any way, or you just want a friendly chat, the QLRE team is here for you! 

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